People's Reporting Centre (PRC) aims to decrease the gap between the people and their Union Parishad (UP) representatives and function as a channel between the people and UP. Currently, people elect the UP members who should be delivering services to the people. However in practice there is little interaction between the UP members and their electorate and the peoples' voice is not always being heard. PRC will help the UP in strategic planning, participatory management and community participation

and assist in linking UPs with community groups such as local traditional leaders, councilors and officials, the private sector and representatives from women groups. It focuses on building self-reliance within the community, and developing interdependent relations between the different layers of government. PRC will eventually spawn a monitoring system on the activities of the Union Parishad. This project is funded by Human Rights and Good Governance Programme Support Unit (HRGG-PSU) of DANIDA.

Yard Meeting , Spot Campaign, Standing Committee Formation, Video Show of Awareness Raising events are going on.

PRC Workplan for Jan-June 10

Deputy Head of Mission, Denmark Embassy
Deputy Head of Mission, Denmark Embassy, Nathalia Feinberg Attended in our post budget discussion session at Ramnogor in Jessore.
DANIDA M&E Consultant
DANIDA Programme Coordinator
Union Parishad the century old institution has been serving people within its limited resources and authority. The institution directly and indirectly controlled by the central government from its inception >>>>>
icon Yard meetings are going on in the different PRC areas to let them know about PRC and it is also discussing about the problems at Ups