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Output 1
To provide capacity support to the UP standing committee members, officials on participatory planning, budgeting process.
icon To organize meetings/workshop for the UP chairmen, members and officials on Human Rights, CEDAW, CRC, transparency and accountability and people's participation.
To arrange in country and out country exchange/exposure visit to learn from the best practices of effective local government institutions with the people's participation
Output 2
To form number of citizen's committees with the facilitation of the local partner organizations.
To develop a peoples' reporting manual, which will clarify the functions of the elected representatives, citizen committees, women leaders, CBOs and general people..
icon To organize trainings, workshop, experience sharing meetings etc. to build capacity of the CC
icon To organize public hearing / debate/workshop at local and national level.
icon To facilitate media campaign on transparency and accountability issues
icon To mobilize public opinion.
icon To Sensitize Public officials on Governance related issues.
icon To organize and carry out awareness campaigns i.e. spot campaigns, poster and leaflet distribution, exhibition and video shows, yard meetings and public meetings to inform the goal, objectives and benefits of the project.
icon To form social audit team.
icon To print and publish different BCC materials.
To build rapport with LEB, Local People, and other stakeholder.
Output 3
icon To facilitate Policy Analysis, Research and Review. (Documentation of good practices) publication
icon To Participate in policy formulation process.
icon To Initiate Public hearing/debate and forum/ workshop/ seminar on policies
icon Incidence Analysis of Budget keeping in view the need and priorities of the poor, women and children and other disadvantaged groups.
icon To conduct baseline survey at new working areas.
icon To develop advocacy strategy
icon To Support the popular movement in favour of a pro-poor policy issue.
icon To Pressurize the Government through Media.
icon To start Policy Advocacy/ lobbying LGI issues.
Output 4
icon To introduce M&E system within DW.
icon To organize Capacity building cost for DW staff and Partners
icon To organize Annual Partnership meeting between PNGO staff.
icon To conduct Mid term Review.
icon To conduct final evaluation of the project
icon To write reports (periodic and progress),
icon To Run and function project in planned areas with offices, staff , materials and equipment
To review partnership policy, gender policy and formed required policies
Our New Activities for(2006-2010)