Training Description

It is a special course on issues of Gender and Governance. It is a four month training program which includes in-house training on development issues, a group research and at the end Internship in different development organizations. As reinforcements the students will watch films, documentaries on relevant issues, visit Parliament, Drop in Center, Day Care Center etc, observe different significant days on related issues such as Human Rights, International women's Day, Attend seminars, workshops on relevant issues organize by different development organizations with the program unit of Democracywatch entitled Action Community.

The course is accredited. It is evaluated on the basis of a participants' commitment, punctuality, participation in the group work or discussion, involvement in the research work, sincerity etc. It can be said that a participant is evaluated on the basis of her/his overall performance. As incentives a good report will be published in the newsletter. The idea is also to involve them into projects on issues close to their home.

This will increase their relationship with the community, emphasize on learning based on experience (as adult students) and enable them to identify problems on their own

In order to make the course self-sustained in the end we intend to charge a minimum fee. It is TK. 6500 for all students.
The target students will be university/college graduates, development activists.

The Initial idea is to run the course with a small class size that will not exceed 20 in number. After 2½ months of training the students will be discharged for research and internship which will last for 1½ months. They will work as interns either in DW or be placed on other development organizations. Before going for internship they will identify a problem to research on, develop the hypothesis, research questions, and data collecting instruments in the research methodology class. They are supposed to submit their research report at the end of the training.

On completion of the training they will receive a certificate from Democracywatch and a recommendation letter from the NGO where they are placed for internship.