Admission and Fees
In order to provide quality training we are determined to keep the class size small. We would only invite those people to join who have finished their formal education (graduation/Masters). Besides, we would be interested in someone who has time, commitment, sincerity and flexibility. We advertise for the course in the newspaper and try to select participants on the basis of their interest and commitment to the training. We try to attend participants within our office time prior to enrollment where interested people can come and find out more about the course before they decide to join in. Finally, we assess the level of interest in students through interviews.
In order to make the course self-sustained in the end, we intend to charge a minimum fee of Tk. 6500. The target students will be university/college graduates, Young professionals.

Assessment and Cirtification
The course is accredited. During the training period the students will conduct a group research or a social survey on related development issues. Each student has to submit the research report and other report of her/his work at the end of 2½ months of training. . They will be evaluated on the basis of the report, class performance, and punctuality.
Moreover, through out the internship period the students have to record their experiences in a process diary. We will only consider they have successfully completed the internship program when they submit the diary to GGTP department at the end of the internship period.
On completion of the training they will receive a certificate from Democracywatch and a recommendation letter from the institution where they will be placed for internship.


After 2½ months of training the students will be discharged for internship, which will last for 1½ months. They will work as interns either in our projects or be placed with other NGOs, companies or the parliament house. During this time they will record their development or experiences in a process diary.

Democracywatch is in the process of developing a coalition on good governance with a few other partners. For your information, Transparency International Bangladesh, ActionAid Bangladesh, Khan Foundation, BELA, BLAST, FEMA and COAST are the core group of the coalition. Previously, our students have been placed in Ain o Shalish Kendra (ASK), Step Towards Development, RMMRU, PKSF, InM, WARBE Foundation, NGO Forum, Naripokhho, ISWR, BISR, Plan Bangladesh, The Good Earth, BELA, Proshika and Democracywatch.


The department will regularly maintain a register. This is to provide evidence that you have satisfactorily completed the prescribed program of study. Each student is expected to have at least 75% of attendance. This is a requirement to be considered for a certificate. If you are unable to attend through illness or for some other unavoidable reason, please do your best to let your tutors know in advance.

Other Facilities
Library Service
Democracywatch has its own library. It has valuable books, journals, newsletters on democracy, good governance, human rights, environment. It is a developing library. Every month we are buying new books on the basis of the needs of our students. The students of GGTP can also use the DW library. It has a good collection of books on how to improve your English, learn computing and also interesting storybooks for relaxation. However, most of the books in the library are reference copies. We do not want to charge students for the use of this library but they have to pay for photocopying pages from these books. But anyone who is not a member cannot borrow books from the library. Membership fee of the library for the course period is Tk. 100. Moreover, our library has the status of a corporate member with the British Council Library. We can bring a number of books and videos from there. If you need to borrow a book related to your course from the British Council Library you could place a request in our library with the signature of your GGTP course tutor.

Democracywatcher's Club

It is a forum of ex-students. It organizes many interesting activities, trips, events for the members. The membership fee for a year is tk. 100. During this time members enjoy free membership of the library.


Students can use the photocopier in the library. Most of the books in GGTP library are reference copies. Therefore students might have to use our photocopying services to photocopy pages from reference books and handouts. For each page the library charges Tk 1.00.

Computing Facilities

There is a computer in the library especially allocated for the use of GGTP students. Since there is only one computer for 10 students it is better to book sessions beforehand to avoid misunderstanding, especially during rush period i.e. when it is time to hand in reports at the end of the training.