GGTP An Overview
icon To increase awareness on gender and governance issues through youths and development activists of different programmes
icon To provide graduates specially social science graduates and development activists with conceptual and practical understanding of gender, governance and development issues through training and internship.
icon To develop leadership qualities among youths and development activists.
icon A good syllabus on development issues Global Issues lectures
icon Lectures on different development issues by renowned and experienced resource persons
Books and Journals
icon Classes on research methodology Relevant handout distribution
icon In-house training Photographic observation on relevant issues
icon Documentary film Democracy Festival
icon Attend relevant Seminar/workshop Field visit
icon Day observance on significant issues Parliament visit, Drop in Center visit etc
icon Learn about gender, governance and development issues
icon Learning to conduct a small-scale research
icon Group work/presentation
icon Learn to prepare questionnaire, checklist, interview schedule etc.
icon Learning to write research report /project proposal/official letters
icon Learn to write research report
icon Learn to work as Rapporteur in different program, workshop, and seminar.
icon Learning to organise various kinds of programmes (Seminars/ Workshops, etc.)
icon Visit to the Parliament/High Court/Day Care Center/ Drop in Center
icon Learning to develop a campaign
icon Internship
icon Increase Public awareness on gender and governance issues created through various day observance
icon Skilled people for development jobs
icon Group Research on Gender and Governance issues
icon Photographic research
icon A comprehensive training manual on Gender and Governance
icon Participants with self-confidence and leadership quality
icon Fresh graduate trainees are well-prepared to work in development organizations particularly in governance and gender related organizations
icon The participants have a good understanding of gender, governance, and development issues
icon A quality syllabus on gender and governance issues
icon Course-work/research work will be assessed by a pre & post course evaluation form.
icon Participants will evaluate resource persons through an evaluation form.
icon Internship providing organization will assess the interns through a form.
icon Course coordinator will evaluate overall performance of the participants