Governance activities
In establishing good governance in Bangladesh Democracywatch is working as a watchdog of different service deliberates of government such as City Corporations, Union Parishads etc. Moreover, it conducts election monitoring and Media Monitoring activities regularly.
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election monitoring
media monitoring
democracy festival

Election observer team
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Human rights initiatives
Democracywatch is also providing orientation training to the journalists (both national and regional) on reporting the incidents of human rights violation objectively. Apart from this, it has a unit call Print Mediawatch which monitors the reported incidents of human

rights violation (especially violence

Opening ceremony of the journalist training on human rights reporting
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against women and children) and publishes quarterly reports. Visit the links below for further information
journalist training on human rights reporting
monitoring human rights violation
democracy training programme

People's Reporting Centre (PRC)
People's Reporting Centre (PRC) aims to decrease the gap between the people and their Union Parishad (UP) representatives and function as a channel between the people and Union Parishad.

Research studies
In order to give an illustration on various socio-political aspects in Bangladesh Research Unit of Democracywatch conducts opinion polls and surveys. It also carryout research on some burning issues to draw attention to the respective authorities.

From its inception, Democracywatch regularly observes most of the international days to disseminate the importance and

Focused group discussion with local women UP members
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ideals of the days to the mass people of Bangladesh. Through different activities it informs people about the meaning of the days' and encourage people to practice those. Democracywatch has been observing the World Human Rights Days since 1996. It organizes rally, campaigns, exhibitions, human chains, and discussions where local NGOs, schools and colleges and other organizations take part.
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research and social survey

annual activities report: June 2001-July 2002