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The project strategy is premised on the vision of an independent and sustainable national Youth Network started, owned, and led by youth to create community and capacity, and empower youth as agents of change to promote authentic civic participation. While party affiliation is a normal feature of democratic life and will not be discouraged, the project will strive to overcome partisanship in order to promote a youth civic consciousness that is based on principles of transparency, accountability, inclusivity, and non - violence. As such, creating change in current youth attitudes is a cross cutting theme in the project activities, either through dialogues with government, public advocacy, or national reform efforts. TAF will utilize the following strategies.
At community level Youth Secretariat members and community youth leaders are successful by taking the different initiatives and new small project for ensuring the Authentic Civic Participation in Bangladesh. Democracywatch has taken three dimensional approach to achieve this. This project is premised on the vision of an independent and sustainable national Youth Network started, owned, and led by youth to create community and capacity, and empower youth as agents to promote authentic civic participation. Apart from this, this project is strengthened the capacity of 25 secretariat members and 720 community youth leader through the training and different social good practices in urban and rural areas as they can take the future political leadership for ensuring the democratic practice in Bangladesh.

  • An independent Youth Network, which can be sustained and scaled up into a youth movement for authentic civic participation, is supported
  • Increase in youth awareness and capacity for civic consciousness and authentic participation: Youth civic participation movement supported.
  • Youth network expanded; Innovative projects implemented by youth groups.
Project Area

Ramna, Khilgaon, Mohakhali, Mirpur, Dhaka University and Mohammadpur area in Dhaka and Municipality area in Mymensingh District.

Target of beneficiaries

Youth Secretariat members, community youth leaders, different kinds differently able youth, indigenous and minority youth.

Major Activities:
  • Formation of Secretariat
  • TOT for Secretariat member on civic consciousness and leadership
  • Training for youth community leaders
  • Refresher training for Secretariat members
  • Consultation meeting with youth political groups
  • Refresher training for the community youth leaders
  • Bio monthly meeting with youth secretariat members
  • International and National Youth Day Observation
  • Develop training related materials
  • Project proposal writing for small grant on governance related social issues.
Major achievements
  • 25 secretariat members have received four days residential TOT and providing the training for the 720 youth community leaders at Mymensingh and Dhaka
  • Youth are active and united for accomplishing the different people oriented
  • Youth have developed different Social Action Project for working in the community level
  • Youth have observed different national day and joined different seminar relating to the project goal and objectives
  • Youth have developed their communication with the concerned authority of Mymensingh municipality and taking the peoples welfare related activities
  • One small project on Handy craft training for women is ongoing in Mymensingh
  • Most of the time youth are busy for their academic study. They also involved themselves with the different social club and unable to give the proper time for accomplishingthe projectongoing tasks.
  • Faced some troubles about organizing the community youth group training due to strike and blockade all over the country from January to April, 2015
Way Forward
  • Democracywatch (DW) is keeping continuous communication with the youth secretariat and youth community leaders for upholding the project activities and considering the youth business DW arranging the program even weekend day.
  • With the cooperation and support of Secretariat and community youth leaders Democracywatch (DW) has completed the undone activities.

For detail information please contact to the coordinator: 01761447773