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Democracywatch is Pioneer in Election Monitoring and Local Governance in Bangladesh

Political Empowerment of Women

This programme contributes to this development goal by focusing on women's political empowerment in particular on the role played by elected women representatives (EWR). More...
People's Action for Democratic Governance (PADG)
To create a broad based constituency where the public institutions uphold democratic and human rights of the citizens. More...
Election Monitoring Election
Elections plays a vital role to ensure democracy and good governance in a democratic state. Our ultimate goal is to establish good governance, fair trial for all, and a humanist nation.We have been monitoring elections since 1996. More...
Promoting Access to Information in Local Governance (PAILG)
In Bangladesh we have a long tradition of secrecy which prevails from the top level (Ministry, Secretariat etc.) to local level (local governments, local service delivery bodies etc.). This tradition of secrecy appears to be a powerful enemy of human rights. Because at this age Information Technology is dominating the economical, social and political life of the world population. More...
Leadership Development Program (LDP)
The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is aimed at involving its community leaders with all stakeholders in identifying priority needs and facilitating participatory project planning, design and implementation. Integral to this approach is promotion of partnership and mutual investment among the communities' three key sector - NGOs, private sector and local government - as well as its secular, religious and ethnic leaders. More...
Justice for All
village court
Bangladesh's formal justice system remains relatively inaccessible for the vast majority of the people. Vulnerable groups, including women and children, ethnic minorities, the poor and people with disabilities face particular difficulty in accessing timely and affordable justice. The causes of the justice sector are multiple. Lack of information and awareness of the citizens especially poor, women and indigenous community, limited access and complexity of the judicial system are major challenges. More...
Social Engagement for Budgetary Accountability (SEBA)
open budget
In Bangladesh we have a long tradition of silence especially at the public bureaucracy and local government level. Local government representatives have lack of initiative to let people know about their allocation and resources. Most of them try to avoid the process of giving out information to the citizens. Due to this practice local citizens consider local government bodies as corrupt and dysfunctional institution. More...
Research and social survey unit of Democracywatch started its journey in 1995 with pre-election survey and opinion poll on the popularity of the main political parties in Bangladesh. Initially the unit was named Social Survey Unit.
From its inception it has conducted several number of surveys and opinion polls on various socio-political aspects. By its research studies the unit has been able to draw attention from different apparatus of the government, political parties, civil society, academicians, intellectuals, and peoples from all strata of

the society. It has achieved huge coverage from both press and electronic media. Some of survey results have been accepted as national proposal and debates in many forums. More...

PRODIGY is a 21-month programme that aims to promote civic participation and advocate the principles of integrity, accountability, transparency, and inclusivity at the heart of good governance in its focus areas of 15 Union Parishads (rural) and wards (urban) across all 7 Divisions in Bangladesh. The project will develop the knowledge and skills of young people to engage the wider community through volunteer activities, including youth club activities, theatre performances, internships with local government, community radio programs and public dialogues, creating platforms and channels to ensure that the wider community has access to government information. The participants will be given the skills to assess whether local government bodies are fulfilling their commitments and responding to citizens' needs. Stressing the need for social inclusivity and equal participation, the focus will be on women, the poor and marginalized groups. More..
The project strategy is premised on the vision of an independent and sustainable national Youth Network started, owned, and led by youth to create community and capacity, and empower youth as agents of change to promote authentic civic participation. While party affiliation is a normal feature of democratic life and will not be discouraged, the project will strive to overcome partisanship in order to promote a youth civic consciousness that is based on principles of transparency, accountability, inclusivity, and non - violence. As such, creating change in current youth attitudes is a cross cutting theme in the project activities, either through dialogues with government, public advocacy, or national reform efforts. More...

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