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Promoting Democratic Inclusion and Governance through Youth (PRODIGY)



PRODIGY is a 21-month programme that aims to promote civic participation and advocate the principles of integrity, accountability, transparency, and inclusivity at the heart of good governance in its focus areas of 15 Union Parishads (rural) and wards (urban) across all 7 Divisions in Bangladesh. The project will develop the knowledge and skills of young people to engage the wider community through volunteer activities, including youth club activities, theatre performances, internships with local government, community radio programs and public dialogues, creating platforms and channels to ensure that the wider community has access to government information. The participants will be given the skills to assess whether local government bodies are fulfilling their commitments and responding to citizens' needs. Stressing the need for social inclusivity and equal participation, the focus will be on women, the poor and marginalized groups.
Goal: Increase capacity and participation of citizens to effectively and actively engage in democratic processes and enhance community development in Bangladesh
1. Knowledge development
1. Conduct a base line survey in 15 Union Parishads (rural) and wards (urban) to identify youth (aged 18-30) associated with existing youth groups and selected 540 young people (50% female) for training.
" Output: One base line survey conducted
2. Review and revise existing training modules
" Output: Two training modules reviewed and revised
3. Select Master Trainers and conduct 2 Training of Trainers
" Output: 20 Master Trainers trained
4. Facilitate 15 training programs for young people in citizen rights, transparency, accountability, inclusivity and leadership skills
" Output: 540 young people trained in transparency, accountability, inclusivity, basic citizen's rights and leadership skills
5. Facilitate 15 orientation workshop for young people in grant management
" Output: 540 young people trained in grant management, project design, implementation and community needs assessment
2. Community engagement
1. Assist young people to design and plan their community projects to engage wider communities in governance and development initiatives
" Output: 75 community projects implemented by youth clubs, theatre groups and university students.
2. Assign local mentors
" Output: 30 young people places in different local government offices as interns
3. Monitor progress, evaluate community projects and award small grants to best projects for further support
" Output: Small grants awarded to 45 best community projects
3. Recognition and demonstration of youth activities
1. Mobilize young people (50% female) and organize a National Youth Summit and 15 international Youth Days in 15 Union Parishads and wards simultaneously
" Output: 500 young people to demonstrate their community projects as they have been implemented and their impact thus far at national and local levels.
2. Engage policy makers, civil society and media personnel at these events
" Output: 300 policy makers, civil society and media representatives to participate and engage with young people and citizens.

For detail information please contact to the coordinator: 01761447773