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The Second Training Workshop on Human Rights Reporting


Journalists urged to uphold human rights issues

Journalist have a responsibility to fight terrorism which is the vital enemy of human rights. That's why the journalist's skill must be developed through knowledge and training enabling them to play active roll in reflecting the condition of general people through the media. That was stated by the chairman of board of editors of the daily Ittefaq Barrister Moinul Hossain on 10 December 2002 in the auditorium of Democracywatch at a training workshop for journalist on human rights reporting.

opening session
Opening Session

The speakers on the inaugural session stressed that democracy and good governance become meaning full when several rights of the human beings are honored.

Democracywatch a human rights organization organize the three day long workshop which was supported by the British High Commission on the occasion of international human rights day.

Rosalind Marsden
Rosalind Marsden

Chief of Asia pacific region for foreign and commonwealth office under the British High Commission Rosalind Marsden, programme officer Robin Budd, Journalist and columnist Joglul Ahmed Chowdhury, Country representative of Hunger Project Bodiul Alam and Executive Director of Democracywatch Taleya Rehman spoke on the occasion.

Marsden said the British government encourages efforts and programs to make people aware of 'human rights so that their violations are reduced and peoples urge to live with legitimate rights receives a fillip.

Taleya Rehman mentioned different national areas where newsman can concentrate their profession and said of the society, democracy and the country need to be kept in mind in pursuing journalism.



Opening Session

A total of 29 journalists from Dhaka and out side took part in the workshop. The workshop is a part of series of such program by Democracywatch in cooperation with the British High Commission.

Organized by the Democracywatch, supported by the British High Commission, the course drew newsmen also form district to get them acclimatized with human rights issues while carrying out their profession responsibilities. A total number of 35 Journalists were participated in the training program. More than 100 newsmen will be trained in phases

The inaugural session was chaired by Editor of Weekly "JaiJaiDin" Mr Shafik Rehman and addressed by visiting president of the Association for New American Democrats A K M M Hai, Deputy Director General (News) of BTV Mr Faruque Alamgir, Program Advisor of Asia Foundation Mr Shajahan Kabir, Journalist and columnist Zaglul A Choudhury, Press and Public Affairs Officer of the British High Commission Ms Sayeda Nazneen Ferdousi, Urmee Rahman, formerly with the BBC, Mostafa Sohel, coordinator of the project and Executive Director of Democracywatch, Mrs Taleya Rehman.

The speakers emphasized that journalism and human rights are inextricably linked in many ways and it is important that newsmen and those connected with the media and truly acquainted with clear picture of different elements associated with the issues.

Jaglul Ahamed

Zoglul Ahmed Chowdhury

They opined that human rights in journalism is acquiring greater importance and significance in both developed and developing nations and as such newsmen need to be more conversant with the related matters for objective and more meaningful journalism.