Election Monitoring

Elections plays a vital role to ensure democracy and good governance in a democratic state. Our ultimate goal is to establish good governance, fair trial for all, and a humanist nation.

We have been monitoring elections since 1996. We have produced a strong election monitoring team that monitors the pre and post election environment. Over the last parliamentary elections in 2001 we have deployed more than 10,000 election observer to observe the election throughout the country.

Election in DEnmark
ED of Democracywatch observes election in Denmark
We also observe the local government body's election.

Media Monitoring

Mediawatch unit of Democracywatch monitors media specially electronic media like state owned and private TV channels focusing the political coverage gives to the ruling and the opposition parties in their news time. We produce report base on the study.

Democracy Festival

It is an another popular event of Democracywatch to disseminate information and aware local people about democracy and democratic norms and culture.
Chittagong Democracy Festival
Commerce Minister visits stall at Chittagong Democracy Festival

EU member states and many more local and international organizations usually take part in the festival for providing information about their mission and functioning.

Local Government

Creating awareness and demand amongst constituencies on the role and functions of local government and initiate policy debates/deliberations through MPs to accelerate the process of establishing a responsive and effective local government system in Bangladesh.