People's Action for Democratic Governance (PADG)


Major Activities

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Major Activities and Results

Activity-1: Form and train citizen groups on social audit, monitoring visits by citizen group members for transparent implementation of VGD and BBG and electoral process at Union Parishad (UP) level, UP level findings sharing meeting with the Local Government (LG) representatives for taking effective measurement on monitoring findings, quarterly meeting with Citizen Alliance for Promoting Transparency and Accountability (CAPTA) at Upazila and District levels for ensuring violence free elections. A 27-members' Citizen Groups in each target UPs will be formed which comprising Community Based Organization (CBO) and clubs' member, religious/faith leaders and other influential community people. Consequently the forum members will be trained on monitoring the UPs service delivery i.e. VGD and BBG project and electoral arrangement so that they can play watchdog role over the process. Their monitoring findings will be shared with local government representatives, administrations i.e. District Anti-Corruption Commission, Deputy Director of local government at district level, Upazila Election Office, Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) to endeavor the horizontal and vertical linkage. Thus, a two-ways sharing chain will be developed among the key stakeholders where the citizen group members will work as a pressure group and negotiators. Besides, they will provide inputs in different awareness rising activities and make community people responsible for ensuring effective participation in electoral process.

Result-1: Public institutions such as the Election Commission (EC) and service delivery bodies are more effective and democratic.
Result-2: 47 civil society group members effectively engaged in electoral governance;

Activity-2: Study circle facilitation on civic and voter education for the informed community; Establishment of Democracy Resource Centre for transmitting information; Courtyard meeting conduction on free and fair election including election related manual, rules and regulation for the grassroots community people; video documentary show on electoral arrangement; develop election information toolkits on modest version of the electoral laws, campaign procedure and circulate widely to the project areas.

Result-3: Local community is more involved in safeguarding their votes and achieve an intimidation free election

Activity-3: Training for the district level journalists on electoral process, human rights issues and quality report writing; Media monitoring and report preparation; Prepare media watch report; Media conference at national level.

Result-4: National media objectively upholds the incidents of electoral violence with an emphasis to women, indigenous people and deprived community.

Activity-4: Upazilas and district level consultation will led by CAPTA with presence EC, EWG, Anti-corruption, Journalists, LG representatives, future candidates and others CBOs; conducting a 1-day sharing meeting with potential candidates and law enforcing agencies and election commission at Upazila level.

Result-5: A skilled and experienced group of people capable to monitor all elections.

Activity-5: Map all related organization and linkage with existing network; A consultation meeting with anti-corruption commission, election commission, election working group and CAPTA/civil society representatives all together.

Result-6: The policy implementers and policy makers are sensitized to run/adopt necessary policy to establish good governance and reduce electoral corruption;